Hello, I'm Lucas 👋

I currently live in São Paulo, Brazil and I work with web development

I have experience doing consulting projects and product development with both Ruby and Elixir and a deep interest on making development work easier through automation, development tools and monitoring.

Outside of work you can find me enjoying specialty coffee, cooking and some casual gaming sessions.

On the internet



Senior Software Engineer, 11/2020 - Present - São Paulo, Brazil / Remote


Senior Software Engineer, 03/2020 to 10/2020 - São Paulo, Brazil / Remote

At Podium I’m part of the Reviews team that is responsible for the maintenance of the backend services that powers our Reviews product.


Senior Software Engineer and Team Leader, 2017 to 2020 - São Paulo, Brazil / Remote

As a Software Engineer, I’ve helped to adopt Elixir and Phoenix for new systems, improve our Kubernetes clustering setup and level up the code review practices of the engineering team.

Later, as the Team Leader of the Platform team, I worked on projects improving the integration between our product and Easynvest, while laying ground work of our own investment broker system. The team went from 2 full time engineers to 8 people working on Elixir and Kubernetes to put the new services online and Ruby to integrate with the existing user facing application.


Software Developer, 2012 to 2017 - São Paulo, Brazil

At Plataformatec I worked on consulting projects involving greenfield development of new Ruby on Rails systems and maintenance on apps requiring new features, performance work and version upgrades. As the company grew over the years, I’ve participated on planning and execution of our recruiting expansion and the mentoring of new hires on Ruby, JavaScript and Git.

I was involved on the maintenance and ownership of the company open source libraries, Devise and Simple Form, and also had the opportunity of creating new projects like the Faraday HTTP Cache gem.

I’ve bootstraped an internal tool called Ebert that was spun into its own product, SourceLevel, working on development, infrastructure customer support for the product by myself for almost an year.


HTML5 e CSS3: Domine a Web do Futuro Jul 31, 2012

The book is an introduction to HTML and CSS syntax along with common patterns to design UI elements like button groups, forms and media elements, using pseudo selectors to draw icons and avoiding code pitfalls that newcomers usually stumble upon.