Git Field Guide

A rundown on how I configure, use and see git as a day to day tool

Experimenting with explicit contracts with Ruby

Bringing design ideas from Elixir projects into Ruby

Books from 2015

Non technical reads from 2015

Software is a multiverse

Or why we still need to say “there is no Silver Bullet”

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Recommendations on technical tasks from recent Ruby Conferences

Sane usage of Custom Elements

An example on moving from jQuery plugins into Web Components, minus the hype

Nobody told me Minitest was this fun

Where the author kinda regrets getting too attached to RSpec

CSS at Plataformatec

A quick walkthrough on how we wrote CSS back in 2014

3 features from Rails 4.1 that I'm excited about

A quick rundown over some Rails 4.1 features

Extending and customizing 3rd party code

Thoughts on dealing with code dependencies